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LESCAUT, Antwerp design translated into a timeless men’s watch. A beautifully crafted Antwerp Artpiece with a rich history behind it.
Founded by two best friends, both with a passion for watches, have come together to create LESCAUT.
With an engraving of the Antwerp Central Station on the back of our LESCAUT watches, a promise of a quality timepiece is a given.


A historical friendship

Jeweller’s son Vincent Van der Veken and photographer Matthieu Bout met eachother on the first day of kindergarten and have been best friends ever since.

Over the years they developed their common interest in timepieces and saw it fit to start their own watch company.


LESCAUT Antwerp Watches Engraving.jpg

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it."

— Charles Buxton

Antwerp Central Station

A train station is a symbol of punctuality. We at LESCAUT found it fit to put an engraving of the most inspiring train station in the world, the historical Antwerp Central Station.


Our models

LESCAUT offers a variety of beautiful designer watches. All with their own personal identities. With replaceable straps, you can always adjust your style the way you want.

Find out more about our models here.


“The Scheldt”

LESCAUT, where does the name of our watches come from? LESCAUT is the French translation of “The Scheldt”, a river that forms the lifeblood of our beautiful hometown, Antwerp. Thanks to LESCAUT, ships have been able to sell their products from all over the world in our harbour for centuries. Because of this, Antwerp was able to flourish as a world city with a world harbour. The colour of the watch face on our very first watch is called “ESCAUT Blue” as it represents the colour of “The Scheldt”.