Five great spots to visit in our LESCAUT hometown, Antwerp

Antwerp might well be the greatest city in the world. Well, to us in any case. When you’re visiting, don’t hesitate to contact us for a more tips in our homebase.


Leopold square - Leopoldplein

When in Antwerp, don’t hesitate to have a drink on the Leopold Square (Leopoldplaats). A great square to enjoy the sun and have a good look at people passing by. It sure is a place where you can meet a lot of locals.

The Antwerp Port House by Zaha Hadid

If you are into modern architecture, then you’re in for a treat. The late architect Zaha Hadid made her last masterpiece in Antwerp. Unfortunately, she never saw the final construction and died a few months before the inauguration. It sure is a great landmark and a brilliant sight.

The Antwerp Porthouse by Zaha Hadid

The Antwerp Porthouse by Zaha Hadid

Conscience square - Conscienceplein

The square where Hendrik Conscience sits to think. One of the nicest spots to be in spring or summer. It’s in the heart of Antwerp, but it is quite hidden. A must see for every tourist.


Marnix square -

When you really want to enter the local scene, you have to visit the Marnixplaats. You’ll find a lot of trendy bars and restaurants where locals especially go to spend some fun time.

Antwerp Central Station

It never gets off the list. The Antwerp Central Station is probably the most important must see in Antwerp. It was voted several times as the most beautiful railway station in the world and that’s one of the reasons why it is engraved in the back of our 1987 series.

The Antwerp Central Station - our LESCAUT engraving

The Antwerp Central Station - our LESCAUT engraving

Matthieu BoutLESCAUT