The port of Antwerp

The Port of Call

Planning a port side visit but don’t know where to go? Here’s the answer!The port of Antwerp, crucial to Antwerp’s economy and a shining light within the city. Being the largest harbor in Belgium and the second largest harbor of Europe, it’s definitely something to behold. Not only does it serve as a logistic hub, it is also accessible to tourists and offers a number of attractions to serve your seafaring needs!

LESCAUT Antwerp Port MAS Pavilion

Steady the ship

The MAS port pavilion can be found at the foot of the MAS building and is equipped to answer all the questions you might have about our harbor.

It can serve as a starting point for your journey further into the port as you can plan your way on the 360° surround screen located in the pavilion.
It also offers interactive experiences as the screens around you display looming ships, the ambiance of a control tower or the sounding of a horn. Truly a sight and sound spectacle to behold.

LESCAUT Antwerp Port MAS architecture

No man is an island

Linking the city center and our modern port is “Het Eilandje”, which literally translates into “the little island”. On this island you can find a plethora of activities only a short walking distance from each other.
Among the most famous ones is the MAS museum. Standing 10 stories tall, the MAS houses a plethora of exhibitions to visit. Aside of what’s inside the MAS, the building itself is an architectural marvel to behold.

LESCAUT Antwerp Port Boat Watching

Whatever floats your boat

After passing the island you find yourself at the port. You might think the fun stops here but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are loads of things to do in and around the port.  There is by far no better place in Belgium to do some quality ship spotting than at the port of Antwerp. A large variety of ships can be seen coming in out of the port across the river Scheldt.

All aboard!

Fancy testing you sea legs? The port offers a boat tour of the river Scheldt!

This is a great way to see all the workings of the port up close and relax at the same time. Just sit back and let the culture wave over you while you reminisce about your educational, but mostly fun trip to the port of Antwerp!

The Antwerp Central Station - our LESCAUT engraving

Dries KitslaarLESCAUT